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Terms and Conditions

Rush24™ is a rush order service where you’re able to place an order with us and have it ready for collection or dispatch within 24 working hours. Obvious restrictions need to be in place to enable us to make the offering available to all our clients. These restrictions can be found below as well as on each individual product page.

The Rush24™ icon is our commitment that your products will be branded and ready for collection 24 Hours after placing your order, subject to the terms and conditions listed below.


1. Once you place and pay for your order, no amendments or cancellations to the order will be possible as orders are picked immediately and will go into production as soon as possible.
2. Once you place and pay for your order, no amendments or cancellations to the order will be possible.
3. Note on all Rush24™ orders, THERE IS NO ARTWORK APPROVAL PERIOD and no process for approval on any orders. We will print the Logo that has been supplied and we will brand the item to the maximum size possible position that the Rush24™ branding guideline demonstrates. This logo will be centred within the branding area on the branding guideline. All Rush24™ branding guidelines can be viewed on the Corporate Gift Shop website and differ from the standard branding guideline for each product in question. If you have specific requirements for position or size, please place a standard branding order where we have more flexibility with the logo and branding positions. Branding outside of the demarcated Rush24™ branding area, or at a size that exceeds the maximum branding space, will not be available as part of the Rush24™ offering. If artwork contains fine detail or small text that may lose definition or clarity due to the branding size, please ensure that you remove this before sending us the artwork for branding. Logos will not be modified or enhanced at all once sent to us.
4. All artwork provided to us needs to be in Vector or an additional 4 hours will need to be allocated to convert your artwork to Vector format. Vector artwork will be acceptable in the following formats – .pdf (workable PDF), .CDR (Corel Draw), .AI (Adobe Illustrator)
5. If specific pantone colours are required for pad or screen printed products, then these need to be specified at the time of providing us with your artwork.
6. Rush24™ applies to select products only and each is tagged on the Corporate Gift Shop website with the Rush24™ icon.
7. Minimum and maximum quantities apply to all Rush24™ product orders.
8. MONDAYS TO THURSDAY ONLY POLICY – The Rush24™ service is available Monday to Thursday (and is only valid and viable on days that DO NOT INCLUDE PUBLIC HOLIDAYS in South Africa) and orders must be placed and paid for by 17h00 to be complete and ready for collection in Johannesburg by 17h00 the following day.
In the event of the actual item being supplied incorrectly, customer service will be able to assist, but please note that it’s not guaranteed to be amended within 24hrs.